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Iphone 3GS/4 problem fix avaliable here Low repair prices for your problem 4S Iphone 5 repair services includes warranty Experienced technicans to fix your broken iphone 5S LCD problem On the spot repair of Apple iPhone problem LCD or Touch screen of ipad cracked,repair here Contact us for the lowest quotation to repair your PSP NDS Wii Xbox Iphone Ipad in Singapore


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*All Parts Are New
  • Iphone 5 Original ON/OFF Replacemnet $40
  • Iphone 5 Original LCD $70
  • Iphone 5S Original LCD $80
  • Iphone 6 LCD $100
  • Iphone 6 Plus LCD $120
  • Iphone 6S LCD $120
  • Iphone 6S Plus LCD $140
  • Ipad 2 Original Touch Screen $60
  • Ipad 3/4 Original Touch Screen $65
  • Wii 003 Error Fix $45



Great Service

Great service in helping me repair my iphone 4 power button ! great advices and u cant find cheaper ...

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Ipad Repair Explained

Why do we need 3-5 hours to fix your iPad Touch Screen?

Well i think this is a pretty good time to share some knowledge with you guys, a lot of people ask me this question so here is some answers

Q: Why you couldnt do it in 30 mins like what other shop usually do?
A: Well as a matter of fact we can actually do it but we dont want to.

Q: Why are you asking for 5 hours of our time when you can do it in 30 mins?
A: Ok let me tell you how outside shop achieve a 30 mins timing, crack out the rest of the touch screen, apply adhesive to the new replacement screen and slap it onto the ipad. Job Done.

Q: Sounds like a easy job so why cant you do it?
A: As i said we dont want to do it this way, let me show you our process

1) Compulsory checking of buttons and working condition of set when taking over from customer (5-10 Mins)

2) Start by prying off the cracked glass and taking great care not to damage the plastic frame (45 - 60 mins)
Slow and delicate work

3) Shape back the dents and ding of the housing caused by the customer, having an even corner will allow the new screen to stay firm and also reduce a lot of possible entrance for dust to enter (30 - 60 mins) Most shop skip this step completely

4) Clear the residue of the original adhesive and file the surface to be reapplied with adhesive (30mins) Most shop skip this step completely

5) Prepare new screen to be replaced, test screen for scratches and dent, clean up of the lcd layer reducing about of dust on it (15 mins)

6) Assemble the connector and test the system fully before assembly (10 mins)

7) Begin final assembly of ipad and seal the possible gaps to ensure minimal dust collection over time. Clearing of the remaining visible dust particles before completing the sealing of set (30 - 60 mins) Most shop simply shut it close without all these extra work thus saving a lot of time.
Applying a screen protector to the new screen immediately to prevent possible scratches (10 mins) - Free, most shop sell you $30 for this

There you go this is what we do for every single iPads thus achieving a better workmanship that those 30 mins job.

Q: Wow you made it sound so complicated
A: To us it is rather complicated thus it requires time.

Q: Ok so how do i know your parts are original?
A: We ordered direct from factory and the front layer is made of glass that can prove the water droplet test. We can ensure our screen are of the same quality as original.

Q: Are your parts from China?
A: Do note that Apple California design ipad and iphone and CHINA manufacture it so to be exact your whole ipad is from china

Q: So how do i fix my touch screen with you?
A: Every screen requires time to do so please make an appointment before coming.

Thats all Thanks for reading.

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