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Iphone 3GS/4 problem fix avaliable here Low repair prices for your problem 4S Iphone 5 repair services includes warranty Experienced technicans to fix your broken iphone 5S LCD problem On the spot repair of Apple iPhone problem LCD or Touch screen of ipad cracked,repair here Contact us for the lowest quotation to repair your PSP NDS Wii Xbox Iphone Ipad in Singapore


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  • Iphone 5 Original ON/OFF Replacemnet $40
  • Iphone 5 Original LCD $70
  • Iphone 5S Original LCD $80
  • Iphone 6 LCD $100
  • Iphone 6 Plus LCD $120
  • Iphone 6S LCD $120
  • Iphone 6S Plus LCD $140
  • Ipad 2 Original Touch Screen $60
  • Ipad 3/4 Original Touch Screen $65
  • Wii 003 Error Fix $45



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Cracked my hinge and needed a replacement housing. Searched lots of shops for this service to no ava ...

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Only Authorised Apple Service Centre have original parts? Truth or Myth

I have came upon a Facebook group that offers repair on iphone in Singapore that claims as follows "PLEASE take note that if any shops in Singapore who claimed that their iPhone PARTS & ACCESSORIES are ORIGINAL and quote you a higher price because of its Quality & Originality - DO NOT believe them." According to the group owner he asked a CSO at Singtel Service Centre that do Apple authorise or distribute original parts to any iPhone / Handphone Repair Shops for repairing iPhones in Singapore? CSO answer was NO!

Well truth is CORRECT! Apple do not distribute parts to ANY of the iphone / handphone shop in Singapore, in fact Apple NEVER distributed parts to anyone else in the whole wide world EXCEPT to Authorised Apple Service Centres.

Half correct actually! So why do we say half correct? Apple do not manufacture nor distribute their own parts, Apple designed and sell the products they designed. Manufacturing of part and even the A4 Processors is outsourced to several manufacturers. Some of these manufacturer consist of Foxconn and Samsung.

So how did handphone shops get Apple repair parts in Singapore? Well for most of these handphone shops, you can see many of them actively buying in used or spoilt iphone / ipad furiously in the forum / shopfront, well some iphone was sold, some exported and of course there are people who disassemble them and sell them parts by parts (which can be more profitable for some). In fact it is quite common. We have encountered some "Self proclaimed technicians" online, they claim they are using new parts but are also strangely taking in large amount of spoilt or used iphones and expecting that part didnt last so when customer brought the iphone to us, we checked with them about the visibility used condition of that "newly replaced parts" done by this particular technician. Repairing a spoilt iphone they brought from a user is not cost worthy and time worthy in most cases so easiest way is to disassemble and salvage.

Huh! Salvage so? Well salvaged parts = used parts that might already been worn out thus it will definately not last as long as a new part, you will just have to spend money again and again to fix the same issue.

So how do i know my parts is not salvaged and in fact is new Well its best to be there watching the whole repair process (Playurconsoles welcome you to do this), by right new parts should comes with untorn ahesive and looks and feel physically new. Visiting a well established repair service shop is important and avoid places that is flooded with terrible comments from people whom visited (Sim lim & Queensway). Sometimes getting a strangely low quotation on a repair can also means gimmick or used parts.

So you are saying Playurconsoles salvage Apple parts also? HELL NO! Haha, we get our new and original parts from CHINA! well only authorised factories in China produce these original parts and of course they dont distribute to any Tom Dick Harry. We have been in this line for years and having contact to get those psp, nds, wii, xbox parts let us have a rather easy route to get direct from the factories itself. With the official order invoice and official Apple printing on the flex cables, we wouldnt doubt our suppliers who has been with us for years.

We feel kinda amused to hear something like "if any shops in Singapore who claimed that their iPhone PARTS & ACCESSORIES are ORIGINAL and quote you a higher price because of its Quality & Originality - DO NOT believe them." because it simply doesnt mean that individual cant get the original Apple parts means no one else in Singapore can, it simply means he (the group owner) cant get the original parts, thats it. Nothing more nothing less.

It also doesnt means that parts priced cheaper means it is not original (although in some cases its true), we believe in pricing our parts as low as possible to maintain our edge against our competitor although it has been rather hard to do so as "some" online technicans are using used parts which of course is cheaper that our new parts, however we will try as hard as possible to maintain a low price, high quaility standard.

We hoped that this guide has help, do contact us if you need our help or advise.

We Offer Quaility Repair Service To Help Your Psp Get Back To Its Original State. We Will Also Try Our Best To Complete The Repair On The Spot So You Can Have Back Your Psp On The Same Day To Continue Your Gaming Experience.

If You Are Experiencing Difficulty In Using Or Understanding This Internet Shopping Cart System Or If You Dont Want To Register To Use This Website But You Need To Repair Your Psp. Please Kindly Call 91915957 To Arrange For An Direct Appointment.

For Any Other Enquiries, Please Forward Your Questions Or Enquiries To Email Address Thank You.

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