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Iphone 3GS/4 problem fix avaliable here Low repair prices for your problem 4S Iphone 5 repair services includes warranty Experienced technicans to fix your broken iphone 5S LCD problem On the spot repair of Apple iPhone problem LCD or Touch screen of ipad cracked,repair here Contact us for the lowest quotation to repair your PSP NDS Wii Xbox Iphone Ipad in Singapore


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*All Parts Are New
  • Iphone 5 Original ON/OFF Replacemnet $40
  • Iphone 5 Original LCD $70
  • Iphone 5S Original LCD $80
  • Iphone 6 LCD $100
  • Iphone 6 Plus LCD $120
  • Iphone 6S LCD $120
  • Iphone 6S Plus LCD $140
  • Ipad 2 Original Touch Screen $60
  • Ipad 3/4 Original Touch Screen $65
  • Wii 003 Error Fix $45



psp repaired

Best psp service i ever visited, Service is detailed and efficient, cheap and professional. Repair 2 ...

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By Cheng Chao

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Why Choose Original LCD For Your Iphone Ipad PSP NDSL

What we assure you of lcd panels brought from

  • NO Dead pixel at point of purchase
  • Tested and ensured free of dead pixel in a white screen environment on point of purchase
  • Original
  • Lowest price possible
  • Perfect built
  • Brand New

LCD, one of the most important part in all gadgets is very crucial as it affects a user gameplay directly so this article will help you understand more on lcd.

Lets talk about Original lcd

Why buy original lcd only?

  • Dead pixels takes longer period of time up to months or years to appear even upon prolong usage
  • Dead pixels even if appeared will be significantally lesser than a compatible lcd
  • Perfect quaility and built
  • Best workmanship to ensure the perfect built and quaility when manufacturing and packing
  • Impossible for overheated lcd panels
  • Dark spots will NOT appear easily even upon prolong usage
  • Dead pixels appear significantally easier
  • NO Image shadowing even upon prolong usage
  • Best image quaility as a expensive, durable panel is used in manufacturing
  • Backlight will not darken even upon prolong use/li>
  • Faint lines will not appears even upon prolong use
  • There is no point spending an amount of money to change to a 3rd party compatible lcd which problems usually surfaces in few months time till then another change to an original lcd will cost an unnecessary waste of money again.

How can you check if your lcd is orginal

  • NO Pry marks at side or top of metal surface
  • Comes with manufacture labels
  • Perfect quaility and built
  • Best workmanship
  • Best image quaility

Lets talk about 3rd party made, compatible lcd

Why should you not buy 3rd party made, compatible lcd?

  • Its cheap so lower price means lower quaility, build
  • Little or no effort to ensure the perfect built and quaility when manufacturing and packing
  • Poor workmanship on construction
  • Overheated lcd panels
  • Dark spots appear easily upon prolong usage
  • Dead pixels appear significantally easier
  • Dead pixels appear significantally faster, sooner
  • Dead pixels appear significantally more in amount
  • Image shadowing at times upon prolong usage
  • Lower image quaility as a cheap, not durable panel is used in manufacturing
  • Backlight not as bright and will darken upon prolong use/li>
  • Faint lines appears upon prolong use
  • Lcd blackout, hold of screen became black
  • May be made of either no or partial sony related parts
  • Pry marks at side or top of metal surface
  • Obvious china logo sticker at side top or back
  • Scratches on the back of the lcd
  • Lack of manufacture labels
  • Different colour FPC
  • Obvious different of electrical component in the structure

Lets talk about Second hand, Reconditioned lcd that most of the mobile shop are using

  • Pry marks at side or top of metal surface
  • Obvious china logo sticker at side top or back
  • Slightly cheaper price than market pricing
  • Reconditioned of used lcd parts to form a working piece
  • Signs of dismantle trace
  • Lifetime may be reduced due to its used properties

Lets talk about why you should not self install an lcd or any repair parts

  • You may accidentally break internal component
  • User commonly break their lcd, backlight clip when attempting a change of lcd
  • You may short circuit your motherboard, even damaged your mainboard
  • I have seen users damaging their motherboard pins to the extend of the requirement of must changing the motherboard
  • No point causing harm to your psp when you can have professional like us to help you

Pictures about original lcd and 3rd party lcd

Example of low quaility OEM Lcd

Example of Original Sony Lcd

We Offer Quaility Repair Service To Help Your Psp Get Back To Its Original State. We Will Also Try Our Best To Complete The Repair On The Spot So You Can Have Back Your Psp On The Same Day To Continue Your Gaming Experience.

If You Are Experiencing Difficulty In Using Or Understanding This Internet Shopping Cart System Or If You Dont Want To Register To Use This Website But You Need To Repair Your Psp. Please Kindly Call 91915957 To Arrange For An Direct Appointment.

For Any Other Enquiries, Please Forward Your Questions Or Enquiries To Email Address Thank You.

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Quaility and Prices are important to you and also to us, we offer low prices on repair of iphone ipad and gaming consoles with Quaility and Prices assured Find us @ Carousel Singapore