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Iphone 3GS/4 problem fix avaliable here Low repair prices for your problem 4S Iphone 5 repair services includes warranty Experienced technicans to fix your broken iphone 5S LCD problem On the spot repair of Apple iPhone problem LCD or Touch screen of ipad cracked,repair here Contact us for the lowest quotation to repair your PSP NDS Wii Xbox Iphone Ipad in Singapore


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*All Parts Are New
  • Iphone 5 Original ON/OFF Replacemnet $40
  • Iphone 5 Original LCD $70
  • Iphone 5S Original LCD $80
  • Iphone 6 LCD $100
  • Iphone 6 Plus LCD $120
  • Iphone 6S LCD $120
  • Iphone 6S Plus LCD $140
  • Ipad 2 Original Touch Screen $60
  • Ipad 3/4 Original Touch Screen $65
  • Wii 003 Error Fix $45



iPhone 4 Repair

I really appreciate the service given when I brought my iPhone 4 down for repair. The honest opinion ...

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By Jackson

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Consoles Policy
How do we treat your consoles
We treat all consoles with care and ensure that none will be affected by scratches or shock.

Which kind of repair parts will we use
We use only the original highest quaility parts from its original manufacturer unless stated on item description

How experienced are our technicians in
We have been around since 2004, handling hundreds of consoles monthly and thousands yearly, we believe in making consoles happy, making users happy.

How long you can leave your consoles with us
After we repaired, checked, led modded your consoles, we will sms you to inform you that your consoles is ready for collection. We can allow customers to keep their set with us for a maxinium period of TWO months.

What happen to consoles after the period
We know that sometimes it is hard to arrange your time to collected your consoles from us that is why we allow a TWO months collection period from each consoles starting from the date we sms you for collection, we will sms you THREE times within this TWO months to remind you to collect your consoles.

Consoles NOT COLLECTED after the TWO month collecion period will be discarded or donated as this is to prevent overcrowding of uncollected sets at office.

What you should do when collecting your set from us after repair, lighting or other services
We will always remind and inform customer to check their sets when they collect their set as some components or parts do not have warrenty as it is prone to user based damaged.

Do email us at if you have any enquiries. Thank you.

Limited time offers on repair and service for Apple iPhone and iPad. Grab it fast.

Quaility and Prices are important to you and also to us, we offer low prices on repair of iphone ipad and gaming consoles with Quaility and Prices assured Find us @ Carousel Singapore